Investigative journalism – It’s alive

Investigative journalism in the UK is having a really good year. And Sunday was particularly good – two investigations in one day!

The Sunday Times’ Insight team published another investigation on the doping scandal, in which they claim a British doctor – who has denied all allegations – has admitted to prescribing banned performance enhancing drugs to several athletes.

While The Independent reported that a council in London allegedly destroyed evidence of thousands of children being educated in illegal faith schools.

In an industry that is struggling for funds – 300 local newspapers have shut down in the last 10 years and the Independent’s last print newspaper was published in March – investigative journalism is still going strong.

Below is a compilation of all the great work done by a few investigative journalists within just the first quarter of this year:



January: The Tennis Racket and National Crime Agency in Crisis Over Unlawful Searches‘ 




January: Phone Hackers – Britain’s Secret Surveillance




February: Poultry farmers using more antibiotics linked to resistant food poisoning bugs‘ 



February: Revealed that oil and gas giants spent tens of millions of pounds lobbying key decision makers ahead of global climate talks and big changes to UK energy policy




April: Illegal Jewish schools




April: British doctor claims he doped 150 sports stars


Here’s hoping the next nine months are just as eye-opening.


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