Visualising data

Female apprentices said they earned on average £4.82 an hour compared to £5.85 for male apprentices, according to a new report by the Young Women’s Trust.

This 21% difference in pay means that women earn £2,000 less than men every year.

The Young Women’s Trust helps to keep 16-30 year old women on little to no pay out of poverty. For their ‘Clock Turns Back’ report, that was published last month, the trust polled 1,269 young people in Manchester and Birmingham.

The report also found that the starting salary for health and social care apprenticeships is £12,000 – and that 84% of these are taken up by women. Whereas the starting salary for apprenticeships in mechanical engineering is £22,000 – 96% of which are occupied by men.

The report comes a month after the Office for National Statistics found that the wage difference between men and women stands at 19.2% in the UK. Speaking about the importance of reducing the pay gap, Minister for Women and Equalities, Nicky Morgan said: “The Government cannot do this alone – employers also have a critical role to play in removing barriers and challenging stereotypes.”

Below is a comparison of the gender pay gap in the UK, US, Australia, Germany and France, as set out in the Global Gender Gap Report 2015 published by the World Economic Forum.

Hover over a country to see how much women earn per annum for every $40,000 earned by men:


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